Welcome to NCBI Monterey County

Thank you to the wonderful Friends of NCBI and all of the supporters who help sustain our work in schools and in the community. Together, we are making a difference!

What Has NCBI Been Up To In the Past Year?

  • Funded by donations from Monterey County Gives, our chapter produced a highly successful series of workshops entitled Recommitting to End Racism”:

– Combined Destinies: Whites Sharing Grief About Racism, facilitated by authors Ann Jealous and Caroline Haskell

-Coming Together to End Racism, which featured an opportunity for local residents to connect with area social justice organizations

-The co-sponsored panel discussion Racism in Monterey County, presented by Whites for Racial Equity and NAACP Monterey County.

  • Over sixty students and advisors from Carmel, Marina, Palma, and Seaside high schools and California State University Monterey Bay participated in a two-day Diversity Leaders Training. For the first time, Seaside Middle School students also attended. These young leaders then led over 600 of their peers in Welcoming Diversity workshops to help end bullying and divisiveness in their schools.   
  • Nine local high school students were awarded scholarships for their outstanding contributions as NCBI leaders.
  • NCBI Chapter Director Sue Parris facilitated a workshop on bias in the legal system for the Monterey County Bar Association.
  • Cecilio Aviles-Mejia, Sue Parris and Jesse Tamayo participated as leaders at a candlelight vigil for victims of the homophobic hate crime in Orlando, Florida.
  • NCBI members continue to take leadership in social justice advocacy in our local community and beyond, adding our voices to #BlackLivesMatter and community dialogues about relationships with police.

NCBI Monterey County – Board of Directors

Elena Loomis, President

Asya Guillory, Vice-President

Natalia Molina, Secretary

Ben Bruce, Treasurer

Cecilio Aviles-Mejia

Steven Goings

Tera Moulton

Lynn Merrill-Paduck

Reilly Skinner

Jesse Tamayo

Chapter Director: Sue Parris

Chapter Administrator: Michael Frederiksen