NCBI marching in the MLK Day Parade!

NCBI marching in the MLK Day Parade!

NCBI Monterey County (NCBI MC) was founded in December 1993 as a “non-profit, leadership training organization dedicated to ending discrimination, intolerance, and inter-group tension.”  As a community chapter of NCBI International, we are a local organization with an international network.

Over the years, we have reached over 20,000 Monterey County residents in hundreds of schools, businesses, government and non-profit agencies through workshops, consultations and programs, and by promoting dialogue and coalition building to address controversial issues at the root of conflict in our communities.

“NCBI Creates Communities in which Everyone Wants to Belong” is a very apropos tagline originally created by one of NCBI International’s Senior Leaders, Robert Dungey.  An African-American man who is also the leader of NCBI Canada and the NCBI Campus Affiliate Program.  Thanks Robert!


NCBI Monterey County is dedicated to ending discrimination, oppression and intolerance of every kind.

MISSION STATEMENT NCBI MC brings people together across group lines including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability and class.  We provide training and education in schools and the community to increase understanding, promote acceptance, and reduce prejudice.  We collaborate with public and private organizations to nurture leadership for social justice and provide opportunities for healing from the impact of oppression.


  1. Guilt is the glue that holds prejudice in place.
  2. Every issue and every person counts.
  3. To shift attitudes, hear personal stories.
  4. Skill training leads to empowerment.
  5. Leaders lead best when they are treated well.
  6. Teams are necessary for systemic change

OUR PROGRAMS INCLUDE Diversity & Inclusion; Culturally Competent Organizations; Controversial Issues Process; Skills for Shifting Attitudes; Leadership Clinic; Managing Diversity in the Workplace; Ally Skills; and Violence Prevention.

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